VizSAFE crowdsourced safety tool - See It. Send It.

See it. Send it.

Be a good neighbor and help keep
your friends, family and community
safer and more secure

no credit card ever required

Capture photos & videos of safety concerns and post/map/share with your community

reports posted to date

Any smartphone or tablet can See it! Send it!
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Download our VizSAFE app for iPhones/iPads to send and receive photos & videos

Download our VizSAFE app for Android phones/tablets to send and receive photos & videos

Use our VizSAFE website
with any smartphone or tablet

Tweet a photo to #vizsafe with "location on" in Twitter

Send a text message to 343434
with photo and keyword vizsafe

VizSAFE is the only crowdsourced safety tool that’s always in your pocket and ready to work wherever you are. Instantly post and share safety related videos and photos to support your community. Together we can make a difference!

Capture and post photos and videos with descriptions
Easily and anonymously report safety issues from petty to serious

Posts are geo-located and time stamped to help ensure safety
Report where help is needed instantly

Receive notifications from your family, friends and community
See safety reports from all around your neighborhood

Subscribe to safety channels for real-time alerts
Keep yourself, your family and your friends safer

Share posts through your Twitter or Facebook
Make safety a priority for your friends and family

VizSAFE was developed to promote community awareness and safety, serving as a platform for engaged citizens to help their neighbors and communities. Be a good neighbor and support your community by joining our free Social Safety Community.